Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Days

Well, as usual I have failed to maintain this blog and keep everyone up to date on my thrilling life. I will play a little catch up, but with mostly pictures of things that have been happening lately. This post will focus on various happening from March- May.

1. I got a new puppy. You may remember a glimpse of this chunky monkey from my last post here. Well, I saw him, knew I had to have him, and got him. He was a part of the Tails of Hope Dog Rescue which was perfect, considering I am a strong advocate for adopting dogs, not buying them. I met him at the adoption event, set up a home visit, and he was mine mid-way through my spring break. His name is Jackson and he is the sweetest big boy in the world. His mom was a full-blooded chocolate lab (stray) and was shot, but her 5 puppies were saved. The breed of the dad is unknown, but I think Jack looks about as chocolate lab as you can get. He will be 6 months old July 7 and is a ridiculous 60+ lbs right now. He may be big, but all he wants is lovin' and cuddlin' all the time :)

Jackson (Left: 3 months old. Right: 5 months old) 

2. I took a trip to New York with my parents to visit my brother in April. It was so much fun, and we lucked out with pretty great weather. We did a LOT of eating and equally as much drinking, but hey - that is what vacations are for, right? Here are a few pictures from the trip!

German Bar with my mother

Heading to the Wythe Hotel, where we hung out on the rooftop for a majority of the day!

Ground Zero

Brooklyn Promenade the last night with my brother
Salty Dog on the rooftop (It was so delicious!)
Cafe LuLuc - the most heavenly pancakes you could ever think of.
Wythe Hotel

3. Lastly, and quite possibly one of the most exciting things that has happened in the last few months, would be the Memphis Grizzlies playoff run which took them all the way to the Western Conference Finals to face the Spurs! It was a phenomenal season to be a Grizz fan. Some people get mad that there are so many new "bandwagon" fans just because the team started playing well in the last couple of years. I, personally, couldn't care less. First, I feel that if you are from Memphis, it doesn't matter when you became a fan, you should not be considered a bandwagon fan. Basketball does something really special to this city, and I see nothing wrong with bringing out a sense of community and cohesion - even if you haven't been a fan through the first several years of horrendous play. It was a blast watching this team and rooting them on as a city. Though some serious damage was done to my bank account, I feel it was worth every penny.

Maddie loves the Grizz

So does Jack :)

After we closed out the series against the Clippers in game 6!

When I wasn't at the game, I was doing this.

Grizz support at weddings.

Even after the season was over I continued to support on the beach.

That concludes my recap of March-May. They were good months, packed with fun times and good people. I am enjoying my summer off, and will update soon with what has been going on since I have been out of school. I have turned 25, been to the beach, and hosted a Beer Olympics. Only 4 more weeks of summer left for me, so I have to make sure to enjoy it as much as possible! Au revoir, bloggers!