Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guilty Puppy

     Maddie enjoys destroying things on occasion when left alone, and I always find myself getting onto Dave about leaving his stuff out and it getting eaten! I also always pride myself on never leaving things out for a puppy to chew up (sometimes rubbing it in his face that I am smarter than that). However, that all changed when I stopped by this afternoon to touch up my make-up before a baby shower and left it there on a table... forgetting to zip it up because I was in a hurry.

     Needless to say, when I came back later, I was not greeted at the door by an overzealous puppy like usual and I immediately knew she had done something wrong. I continue walking in, first seeing a guilty Maddie voluntarily sitting in her kennel (which was open) staring at me. I then turn to find a completely empty container of Mac concealer that I purchased not too long ago, two chewed up eye-liners and a chewed up make-up brush scattered throughout his living room. Maddie knew she was in trouble and that she had done something bad and to further prove it was her - the evidence was all over the floor, and her face. Guess I learned my lesson.

Guilty Party

Some of the damage...

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