Friday, May 18, 2012

Paint, Paint, Paint!

     As I stated in my last post, I am currently in the process of updating the house I will be moving into in July. The first step in the updating process is painting. I am almost positive the house has not been painted in and this week I have been picking, liking, hating, maybe liking, loving and everything in between, paint colors. As I shared, the bathrooms were going to be the biggest obstacle thanks to that b.e.a.utiful tile, but they surprisingly turned out to be the easiest to decide on a color for due to the fact that there were minimal options to begin with.The full bath, hallway, and guest room are all going to be the same color. Dining room/living room will be the same color. Master bedroom and half bath will be different (thanks to Katie over at Caught In the Middle With You for the idea for my master bedroom color!). I am uploading a picture of each room as they are now and attaching the link to the color that they are going to be when finished. Some of the colors don't look the same on the computer of course, but you can get an idea. Obviously I will post actual before and after pictures once we get it all painted in the next couple of weeks. 

Master Bedroom - "Dusty Miller"

Full Bath - "Creamy Mushroom"

Guest Room - "Creamy Mushroom"


Living Room/Dining Room - "Antique Leather"

This will be the "dining" side - "Antique Leather"
Half Bath - "Silver Drop"

This is part of "living room" side - "Antique Leather

What do you guys think? Hope you all have a great weekend!

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