Thursday, June 7, 2012

House Update

We have been working on the house a few days a week over the last month, and we are really making some progress. My dad is doing all of the main painting, while I am doing some trim and bookcase painting. We have gotten the ceiling damage fixed in the sun room and living room, the master and guest room/closets/ceilings painted, the hall and full bath walls and ceilings painted, and got the first coat of trim down in the living room! I am getting really excited to see the end result. It is amazing what some fresh paint can do to a room/house. Here are a few pictures I have taken of the work done thus far. Some of the lighting isn't the best, especially the bathroom picture, but it will still give a general idea of what it is shaping up to look like! I will try and get some more updates up next week, but now I have to go get packed up for my weekend in Hot Springs for Katie's bachelorette party. Hope y'all have a good weekend!

Here is one of the before pictures of the full bath
Here is the after of the same wall. No more hideous wallpaper! Will be shopping for decor in the next couple of weeks :)
Before of part of master bedroom
After of part of the master bedroom. The white trim has made the biggest difference in the house!

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  1. this all looks great!! can't wait to visit! :)