Monday, October 31, 2011

10 Day Challenge : 9 Loves

9. I love music. I am always looking for new music and love searching and finding something great on youtube or other places.
8. I love to eat! My favorite food, without a doubt, is steak. That is one thing that will make me happy no matter what!
7. I love to cook. I think of cooking as a stress reliever in a sense. I am not the best cook by any means, but I love experimenting and trying new recipes. I am trying to put together a cookbook of recipes that I really liked and that were tasty. I have a stack of almost 30 recipes right now that need to be tested out to see if they make the cut. That is my plan over Christmas break!
6. I love my job. While it is very stressful and/or frustrating at times, I am so glad I get to do something that has a direct effect on our future and is such an important part of life. I am so blessed that I have known I wanted to teach since I was 5 years old and it never changed, and it never will. I am a very lucky girl!
5. I love quotes. I like all kinds of quotes - funny, serious, sad, happy, etc. I feel like quotes are a good way to help someone having a rough time as well. If you can't find the words to say, I can guarantee that there is a quote that will suffice.
4. I love sweatshirts. They are just so cozy :)
3. I love cold weather. Cold weather means hot chocolate, spiced cider, fires, blankets, cuddling, and snow (on rare occasions) :) I wouldn't want to live somewhere where it was cold year-round, but I wouldn't mind moving somewhere that had a little more snow!
2. I love my friends. I have some of the best friends in the world, and no matter how far they are, I know I can always count on them.
1. I love my family. I have such a great family surrounding me. They are beyond supportive and always make sure to tell me how much they believe in me. I am very grateful for that :)

Happy Monday!

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