Sunday, October 30, 2011

10 Day Challenge

This looked like a fun way to try and update my blog a little more frequently... at least for the next 10 days :)

Day 1: 10 secrets

1. I despise tea. Sweet tea, unsweet tea, cold tea, hot tea, any tea. I just hate it, everything about it!
2. I am the worst shopper ever. I am not able to come up with cute outfits and figure out what looks good together. I just don't have that gift, but I really wish I did!
3. To go along with the last one, I am not only a bad clothes shopper, I am horrible at shopping for house decorations as well. I just don't know how to coordinate things :(
4. I have a SERIOUS addiction to planners/agenda books. I love them and will go through 10-15 a year. I am extremely OCD about them, so if the slightest mistake is made, I will go buy a new one and rewrite the entire thing. Weird - I know.
5. I love music. I don't just listen to music and like it because it is catchy (most of the time). I really like getting the deeper meaning behind the song, the lyrics, etc. I can relate a song to almost every event in my life and to every one of my friends.
6. I count my steps when I walk. I only count to 7 and start back over until I get where I am going. OCD? I don't know.
7. I know the entire alphabet in sign language. I learned it in 7th grade when I rode the bus and met a peer who was deaf. I would love to take a sign language class and become fluent, I really think it is such an amazing thing.
8. I love sports. I love watching them and playing them, even though I am not very good at most.
9. I have never been out of the country, but hopefully it will happen in 2012 :)
10. I love to clean. My apartment is not always spotless, and goodness knows my room isn't either by any means... BUT when I get in a cleaning mood there is no stopping me. I love the feeling of a clean space. My favorite time to clean always seem to be after I have had a few cocktails... makes no sense, but it is what it is.

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