Friday, August 10, 2012

Master Bath Update

Good evening! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. I just wrapped up my first week as a general ed, 1st grade teacher and finally feel like I can breathe. Sure was a crazy week, but I am excited for the year ahead. Figured I would start sharing the house updates! We have FINALLY finished (well 90%) I wanted to start with the Master bath. As you may remember - it was the one with the hideous pink tile and delightful sliding glass "swan" shower doors. Well, it looks like a whole new bathroom now! We did everything we could to update it without having to gut out that tile and take out the sliding doors. We took the wallpaper down, painted it, added a picture, new mirror, new light fixture, replaced the switch and outlet plates, painted the closet door, and hung a shower curtain right in front of the doors to hide them. I think it turned out just beautifully! We are going to add another picture or two, but you get the idea.

Before we did anything. Hard to get the full effect of the awful wall paper though!

After the wallpaper was stripped and we painted.
The final product. New mirror, outlet cover, and fixture.
Before anything
Before anything

After we painted, you can KIND of see the swan doors here..
After the paint, new picture, and shower curtain.
Much better!

There is still so much that COULD be done if I were a millionaire, but I think we took what we had and made it work :) I will post a bedroom update tomorrow. I am saving my FAVORITE room, the living/dining room, for a little later on. It is by far the thing that changed the most and I absolutely love it. Have a wonderful Friday my fellow bloggers!

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