Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally, Warm Weather!

     Hello! Just wanted to take a minute and update the blogging world on my life. I just had Spring Break last week and it was absolutely marvelous. Other than the fact that I worked ALL week, I enjoyed not having to wake up at 6am and not getting home until 7:30. I also took avantage of my break by going out last Thursday for St. Patrick's Day. For those who know me, you know this is a huge deal because I am not much for crowds, downtown,  spending blowing money on overpriced covers and drinks, or being up past 9:30 Sun-Thursday, but I did! It was nice being able to go out and actually feel like I am a college kid because I haven't been able to do that in the last year thanks to my school schedule. I went to Bardog Tavern (which was new to me), Silky's (which I left soon after arriving because I wasn't wasting $8 on a beer), and lastly to the infamous Hollywood Disco where I spent the most time because it doesn't break the bank. Overall, it was a good night with good people and I can't wait for summer when I can enjoy these types of things again!

Before heading out

"Couple's Corner"- this happened completely on accident haha

I just enjoy this picture, it makes me laugh 
    Next in news for me, I enjoyed the dog park and the outdoors in general towards the end of the week. I played volleyball for 3 hours Friday night, until 1:30 in the morning, it was a lot of fun. I am not the best volleyball player, but I like playing and I think I have gotten a lot better over the last year. Saturday, was pretty relaxed, I just hung around and then had dinner with an old friend. Later that night Dave and I went to a friend's house and just hung out on the patio and talked, very nice and chill night. Sunday, we took Maddie to the Toby Field dog park where she had a play date with little miss Jayduh, Theresa's dog. She made a few new friends and I have some cute pictures of her and a new friend I need to get and put up here! I then took her home and gave her about an hour to rest and then we took her to Shelby Farms for her second play date with Polo, Katie's dog! As most people who follow my blog know, my grandpa is 95 and doesn't get to take his 45 lb border collie out and about too much, especially to a wide open place like Shelby Farms. So, I have gone and started picking up Ginger, his dog, and taking her with us to the park, she is so overwhelmed to be getting out that she almost doesn't know what to do with herself! To give you a better idea, the first time I took her, we had to go up some stairs and she didn't even know how because she had never seen stairs before... this dog is 5 years old! All the while, she did great at Shelby Farms, in fact, she went straight for the water which really shocked me! Maddie, Polo, and Ginger had a wonderful time and I sure did enjoy that weather.

Maddie and Ginger walking toward the water

This is the first place they went :)

Maddie is getting much better about getting in, I am determined to make her like water. She does have webbed feet after all!

Maddie and Polo

Dad, Ginger-the 45lb lap dog, and Grandpa

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