Friday, March 11, 2011

Furniture Saver!!

For any readers who have dog that sheds I have found the most amazing thing ever. Maddie sheds every where and it shows up on everything so I was in desperate need of a solution. So a dear friend told me about this thing called the "FURminator" she said she used it on her dog and it was amazing. So I went on a journey to find one and went to my first choice pet store, Hollywood Feed. They had the FURminator but the guy working there told me about another brand that is literally the exact same thing but about $10-$15 cheaper. It is the andis de-shedder. It is electric so you have to have 2 AA batteries but I tell you, this thing is a miracle worker!!
After only a couple of minutes, this is what we got off Maddie.
 AMAZING!! I just couldn't help but to blog about this and share this and all of its glory with anyone who may be struggling. The only downside is that this thing costs about $45 (for the medium one) they have one for small, medium, and large but the guy said this is the best one and he uses it on his Wolf-Hybrid which is far from a small or medium sized dog. That is all I have for now, I just had to share this exciting discovery with someone. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

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