Friday, January 20, 2012

Kid's Say the Darndest Things: Ch.1

     As most of you know, I am a teacher. I teach 3 grades, Kindergarten-2nd grade Resource Math and Reading. While it tends to be a little on the hectic side some most of the time, I am lucky enough to be able to have many laughable moments throughout my day. I find it useless to truly get stressed, so when something just is not going the way I planned (which is every day) - I try and smile and find the humor in some of the things my kids say and write on a weekly basis. I figured I would start sharing some of these little comments/stories with the blogworld in hopes they can bring a smile to your face. Some of you may not find any of this funny, and that is understandable. A lot of times the humor in things is intensified when you actually know the person who says and/or does something funny, in which case you will not in my stories. Either way, I hope you find joy in some anyway.  No matter what - this will be a good way for me to keep track of all the nonsense sayings :) Here are 3 stories/comments that come to mind right off the bat, happy reading!

1.)Learning how to sound out and spell 3 letter words. Students look at a picture and tell me what it is of and then have to spell that word. In this instance it was a picture of a pen.Sidenote: I am trying to spell it how the kid said it. I don't actually talk or spell that way, in case you were questioning.

Student: "That's a pen! Like a ink pen! Now, now.. you don't wanna go and stick one-uh doze in yo eye!!"

2.) I have a certain student that I work with every day. He is quite a handful to say the least. He has this odd fascination of pushing on my hard-earned love-handles and jiggly arms. He likes that squishy feelin' I guess (talk about a self-esteem booster). Well I went to go pick up this wonderful, wonderful little boy yesterday and he had decided to write all over himself. He had marker on his face - had a bit of that Harry Potter mark going on, all over his chin- like he was trying to look like he had facial hair at the tender age of 5, and on his hands, arms, and clothes. I didn't even know what to do, I could hardly be mad because it looked so ridiculous. It was like the kid got in a fight with a black marker and lost MISERABLY! I am hoping we got it all cleaned up for today :)

3.) In my 2nd grade class, we were talking about adaptations and ways we adapt to our environment. I had gone around giving some examples and then had the students do the same.  

*When asked how we adapt to cold weather, student 1 responds, " You can put on a jacket, or cover yourself with a blanket." -- good start, at this point I feel the kids are all going to get their question right.

*When asked how can adapt when it is raining, student 2 responds, "You can wear an umbrella or jacket." -- maybe not the correct verb usage with umbrella, but you get the point... still on the right track!

*When asked how we adapt to hot weather, student 3 responds, "You can, um, you caaannnn.... uh, pooooop??" -- and JACKPOT (slap in the face for actually thinking they were all going to get it right that quickly). I had no response, no words, nothing. I was trying not to laugh, and I think I did ok, but for goodness sake, where did that even come from, what was the thought process there?! I am still baffled by this comment, and wish I could figure out what went on in that child's mind.

4.) Every Friday, if the kids have filled their sticker chart, they get a treat. Well this just happened to be the Friday before Christmas break so I gave them all their treat and a candy cane. As I am passing them out one little boy is talking about his girlfriends to the class.

*When I give this one child his candy cane, he says: "Can I have anuffer 2 candy canes so I can give tim (them) to my girlfrins. They like candy canes and I want to make them happy."

*I say: "I am sorry, but everyone can only have one treat today, it would not be fair to give you more."

*His response: " Ok, I will just have to share my candy cane withs them so they don't cry and get not happy withs me."

Happy Friday, hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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