Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 Years

3 years ago today, I started dating my sometimes most of the time sweet boyfriend. Here is a little history into our relationship.

David is a 1 1/2 younger than me (yes I am a cradle robber) and we met a few weeks before his first semester of college through a mutua friend. I remember the first time I saw him I thought he was a cutie, but when I found out how young he was I knew I would NEVER date him. Well we hung out on a daily basis, and people thought we were dating for a good 6 months before we actually did start dating. I always wondered if I actually liked him as more than a friend or if I just thought I did because we got along so well as just friends. Well, David clued me in on the fact that he really liked/had liked me for a long time/didn't know what to do about liking me/wanted to date me around Christmas - after he had a few too many drinks with his family while in Chicago. He was texting me all of these sweet things and I was an unsure little girl, as my wonderful friend Whitney can attest to. I did not know if I liked him or not. We got along beautifully, but I was terrified of ruining a great friendship if we ever did date and broke up. So obviously, I rejected the poor boy and went on my way not thinking twice. Well, a few weeks later, he had this same conversation with me (again after a few drinks), and I told him the same thing I did the first time, I didn't want to risk losing him as a friend. Well, the boy finally got the hint that is wasn't going to happen and started talking to other girls. He got a little more interested in one girl that he kept bringing her around more and more, and I was not happy about it. I did not like the fact that I was no longer the one he hung out with every day, texted, and goofed around with. Slowly, but surely, my true feelings began to surface and after a long, dramatic night (on my part) I finally told him how I felt (after chewing him out about talking to/dating another girl), he agreed, and 3 years and a dog later, here we are. I could not be happier than I am now. He is a great guy who always keeps me laughing and grounded. So thank you to all of my friends (you know who you are) who were constantly on my back about liking him and dating - you finally got your way, and yes, you were right :)

One of the 1st times we hung out. Memphis vs Ole Miss game 2008

A recent picture of us.

Nice family picture of us with our sweet girl about 2 months after we go her :)