Tuesday, July 12, 2011

$5 DIY

     A few posts back, I mentioned a project I wanted to try out once I was moved and settled in my new apartment - the picture frame jewelry holder. Well, since my month of July consists of a lot of nothing, I decided to start this project. It was really easy, only took about 15 minutes to do, and the best part.. it only cost me about $5 to make!

The picture frame I chose looks a little worn, which I kind of liked. I got it at Hobby Lobby in the 80% off section for a whopping $4. It originally had some random picture nailed in it, but I popped that bad boy out and got started. The picture hanging wire was about $1, and I already had a hot glue gun so I was set. Here is how it turned out:

The frame I bought to use before the wire.

The back after I hot glued the wire in place.

Front after wire.

The finished product!

I am pretty satisfied with how it turned out and I plan on making another one using screen door wire to put the rest of my earrings on. I'd say for $5 and 15 minutes of your day, this is a fun and unique way to store jewelry!