Friday, July 1, 2011

Half-Way There

Well, tomorrow will mark my half-way point of Insanity! I will have successfully completed 26 days of the program and not died. I am very proud of how well I have kept up with doing it, I have only missed 1 day (due to moving, which is a workout in itself!). So once I complete tomorrow's workout, I will have 1 week of recovery consisting of low-impact exercises and after that week, I will have 4 more weeks of some really intense workouts :/ Originally, I thought I was going to be doing this workout alone, but then my wonderful little sister in Phi Mu, Jessica Shemwell, decided she wanted to take on Shaun T. with me. It has made a huge difference and it has definitely helped having someone to hold me accountable. We meet up Mon-Fri at 4 and do the workout for that day. Saturdays are a little more difficult to meet up on, but even if she can't meet me, I still get it done somehow!
With that being said, one month into this program, I have already seen results. I have lost an inch or a little more from each - my thighs, hips, waist, arms, and chest! I have also lost about 10 lbs. Another thing is that I just feel better in genereal. I am very happy with these results! I know the 2nd month is even more intense so I am hoping to lose even more during those workouts. Some people may not think that is a lot to have lost for such an intense workout, but that is about 2-3 lbs a week and that is without changing my diet. I can only imagine what my results would be if I had a stricter diet regimen. The thing about me though is that I love food. I cannot diet in anyway, like cutting out sweets, or carbs, or things of that nature. The one and only thing I will do when it comes to my diet at this point is control my portions, which is all anyone really needs. I find I do much better just eating less of things I enjoy than just cutting them out totally, because eventually I end up craving that something so badly I end up going overboard!
Just wanted to update the blogworld on my 60 days of hell Insanity program. Wish me luck for the next 5 weeks :)

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