Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1) I am loving the fact that after tomorrow I will have a whole month to relax and get ready for my first year of teaching!
2) I have found a few little DIY projects I want to do before school starts, none of them are difficult or time consuming. This is one I plan on doing-- jewelry holder made from picture frames. You can buy cheap frames and decorate them by just painting them, with cute fabric, decorative paper, or simply leave them as is. This project is as simple or elaborate as you choose to make it. I will be starting this one as soon as I move in my apartment this weekend!

3) I am moving this weekend! I will be moving in with my dear friend and sorority sister Kristen. I cannot wait to get all moved in and settled. The best part is, the apartments I am moving to have a pool, which works out great for my month off. I plan on finally getting a tan!
4) Smoothies! I have been making a smoothie for breakfast almost every day before work. I love, love, love fruit and smoothies I was just lacking a blender. However, thanks to my dearest boyfriend, I have a blender and have been able to have quite a delicious breakfast.
5) A week from Friday, I will be in Nashville visiting my 3 best friends. We have been close since high school and I am so glad we are still close after all these years. Once graduated from HS, Michelle and Chelsea went to UT Knox (unfortunately for them) and Lindsay went to Mississippi St. After they graduated they all ended up in Nashville, just at different times. Michelle was the first to officially move there, followed by Chels soon after, and then Lindsay who just moved in a couple of months ago! It'll be nice to get out of Memphis and see my girls for a couple of days. EVEN BETTER-- I will also be venturing to see my beautiful friend Olivia who lives in Nashville as well. Should be a pretty wonderful weekend!

What are you loving today??

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