Friday, June 24, 2011

Eye Catching Goodies

     During my last couple of weeks at work, I have had plenty of time to surf the web, read, and get certain parts of my life organized. The fact that we have ample down time in the good ole Fogelman basement has lead to me online "window" shop. I am having to leave my job 2 weeks earlier than expected due to budget cuts, so I am having to watch my spending much more closely since I will have ZERO income for the next month and a half. I have been good. Only browsing, no purchasing. However, I have started a list of things I have either just come across and thought were cute as well as things I plan to purchase/do in the near future. Figured I would put them here as a sort of reminder to and share with others.

Q&A Journal from Anthropology: This is a different take on a journal. I heard about it from my dear friend, Whitney. Instead of being a blank journal, each day has a question/prompt for you to answer each day over a 5 year span. It allows you to write a short and to the point answer and then reflect and see how your views/life has changed as each year passes.

Wire Wrapped "love" necklace from This website has everything, I could be on it for days! Came across this necklace and really liked it. It is simple but I could definitely see myself wearing it. Best part is that is only $15!
Also from Thought this was a beautiful. I love that sea green color! This would be great to wear with most anything. I love rings even though I don't have many!

iPad 2: This is something I absolutely plan on buying this fall. I am selling my current MacBook Pro since I get one through Shelby County so I figured I would get an iPad as my personal computer. Can't wait to get this gadget!
Polaroid 300 Instant Camera: I have been eyeing this bad boy since a little before Christmas. I love taking pictures, and I think it would be neat to have this updated instant film camera to use for more spontaneous moments. I have always loved the look of those instant pictures and now that I can take them myself, it is even better! Can't wait to get this!

Bridesmaids Cards from One of the blogs I follow wrote about these. This girl recently got engaged and while trying to figure out how she wanted to ask her bridesmaids to be in her wedding, she came across these unique handmade cards. I thought these were so cute, they could be used for various things but that was just the one way I read about.



  1. ooh I LOVE all the jewelry from etsy!

  2. I'm totally going to buy you that journal :)