Wednesday, June 15, 2011


     Good morning, blogworld! I don't have much to update at this time, but figured I'd post a little something anyway.  If you know me, you know I am not a lazy person, however, I just don't like going to the gym and it is as simple as that. I really struggle to find the motivation to get up, drive to the gym, all so I can just run/elliptical/bike or a little of all 3. I get so unbelievably bored that time is just crawling by and I am miserable. I have tried everything, listening to music, reading, watching a movie or show on my phone... NOTHING helped. So I recently decided to ditch the gym membership and try something different. I got online and purchased Insanity. For those of you who have never heard of this, it is made by the same company that does p90x, but it is a more cardio-based workout that uses no weights and solely works you using your own body weight. Also, instead of promising incredible results in 90 days, it is a 60 day program.
     With that being said, I am not looking to be some lean, mean, ripped machine-- I am simply looking to get in better shape and lose a little bit of weight. I chose this workout over p90 because I want to get in shape by the time school starts, which is conveniently in about 60 days (from when I started). I have been an athlete my whole life, I played softball growing and then played other sports on and off non-competitively. I always liked being outside running around doing anything, but once I got to college I didn't really do that anymore. So it was time for a change, and boy oh boy has Insanity brought just that.
     I am on week 2 day 3, and I am addicted. It is a workout that I dread doing when I wake up every morning because I know it is going to kick my butt, but I also look forward to it because I can already see improvement in my endurance, flexibility, etc and it has only been 8 days!! I look at this program as a challenge. You start the whole thing off doing a fitness test and record your results. This test consists of 8 workouts in which you have 1 minute to do as many of that exercise as you can. You get about a minute rest between each exercise and do this until you get through them all. The great part about this is you repeat this fitness test every 2 weeks to track your progress. I can tell you without a doubt that I will be improving my numbers from my first week and I can't wait. I think that is my drive and motivation behind this program... it pushes me and makes me want to be better. No matter how in shape you are, this workout will ALWAYS be a challenge because there is no limit to how much you can push yourself. You will always be exhausted and pushing it to make it through. The difference is, by the end of it you will just as tired as you were the day you started, BUT you more than likely are doing about 2-3 times the amount of work you did when you began.
    Sorry for such a long post, but this has been a pretty big new development in my life and I plan on posting periodically throughout the next 52 days to share my progress. As of right now I am on day 8 and I have already lost 7 lbs, I'll take it! Can't wait to keep going and ultimately see and feel the result of this workout come August! Happy Wednesday, bloggers! Enjoy the rest of your week :)

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