Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another way to waste time at work..

     Hello blogging world! I have recently realized a lot of people are into this whole "blogging" thing, and although a majority of the ones I have seen are "couples" blogs (engagement updates, married life updates, etc) I decided I wanted to have one too, even if it is just me.
     My life is pretty uneventful right now, all I do is teach, go to school, go to work, repeat. I am semi student teaching this semester at Ellendale Elementary with Mr. Marks, my mentor teacher. I love it there, and love working with him! His teaching style is really laid back, but he is an awesome teacher and the students love being there. It is really cool observing and working with a male teacher, considering I have been with all old women every other semester I had to complete hours. Ellendale is the only part of this semester that I am enjoying... mainly because, surprise surprise, the College of Education wanted to ruin my  life a little more before I graduate and had me missing 2 classes I needed to graduate. So instead of having a fairly calm 12 hour semester, I am taking 18 hours of pure evil. I just keep reminding myself, May 7, 2011 @ 2:00 I will be walking across the stage to freedom!
    The one exciting development in my life is that I adopted a precious puppy about a month ago, on September 11. Her name is Madison, I think she has some jack russell terrier, pointer, and manchester terrier in her. I really don't care what she is, all I know is that she the light of my life and I could not be happier with my impulse decision! I have never had any type of pet and have always wanted a dog. Well finally, after 22 years of holding out, I gave in and got Madison and I love her more than you can imagine! She is a little firecracker, she gets in "crack-dog mode" as I like to call it and you just can't keep up with her. She is a little of 5 lbs right now but is supposed to get up to about 25-30 lbs. I will probably blog about her a lot because she is my world now :)
     I think that is all I really have to blog about for now, I will be back sometime, I can make no promises of when (not that anyone is that worried about it), but I will update when things are update worthy. Hope you all have a fantastic week, and Happy October!!

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