Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick update!

     I know I just updated this a couple of days ago, but as I mentioned I was taking Maddog to the vet yesterday and I was excited to see how much bigger she got. Well, I had guessed she gained about a pound (in a 3 week period), but I was wrong, they told me she was up to 7.12 lbs, meaning she gained a little over 2 lbs in hardly 3 weeks! My little pup is growing up fast and getting more rambunctious each day. She had her 3rd round of vaccines yesterday though and didn't handle them too well, she was puny the whole rest of the night, poor thing. But she is as wide eyed and bushy tailed as ever today so I am glad to see she is feeling better :) Here are a few recent pictures of my little pumpkin!

Meeting her great grand-pa :)
Visiting Munford
Such a sweet face!
Nap time with James

Enjoying her pig ear she got for being a good pup at the vet! She LOVES them!!

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